AzLA + KR Invite you to share your LIS hiring and workplace experiences

Dear Current or Future Member of the Arizona Library, Archives, Museums Workforce,

The Arizona Library Association (AzLA) and the Knowledge River program (KR) at the University of Arizona iSchool have co-created this anonymous survey for BIPOC people who are serving or are preparing to serve in Arizona libraries, archives, and museums.

You are being asked to participate in an online survey conducted by the Arizona Library Association (AzLA) and the Knowledge River program (KR). The purpose of this research is to collect, analyze and descriptively synthesize information from current and aspiring BIPOC library and information workers regarding their experiences in applying, interviewing, hiring, training, and mentoring in Arizona library, archives, and museum positions.

AZLA will publish findings to inform the profession and suggest strategies to strengthen hiring practices, retention, and mentorship of BIPOC staff in Arizona libraries, archives, and museums. The results of the study may be reported in presentations, publications, or other media venues. As a participant in this study, you will be asked to spend up to 30 minutes of your time completing a fully secure online survey. Personal identifying information is not requested or required. All information collected, including survey results, will be kept strictly confidential, except as may be required by law. Publication results from this research will not include personally identifying information by name or any other means.

Participation in this study is strictly voluntary. If you wish to terminate your participation, do not proceed in filling out the survey form. You will not receive any payment for filling out this survey. There may be no direct benefit of participating in this study; however, information obtained in this study may help future library science graduates and Arizona library institutions in terms of their application, interviewing, and hiring processes, and training and mentoring practices.

Thank you for making time to complete this survey.


Dr. John Walsh

AzLA President

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